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The perfect way to complete your hardscape project is to add a retaining wall. Such a wall can transform a once unusable area into a large usable space, provide a natural transition to planting beds, or accentuate paver walkways or patios. With a segmented retaining wall stone you have many choices of color, texture and uniformity which add a grandeur that makes your outdoor living space outstanding. The wide range colors textures and designs can fit your every need or situation.

The (SRW’s) technology and performance is and has been specified by engineers and landscape architects for many projects over several years.

All Type Landscape can create an outdoor showcase for you and satisfy every design challenge.

Why should you contact us at All Type Landscape?

Our history and experience with colors, accents patterns, and plant selection shows we are the best in creative solutions to meet the terrain or design challenges. We also provide a more economical solution with the use of treated timbers or boulders for use in shore line breaks, in a variety of difficult terrains, or budget concerns. We have been in this trade for 37years, have a long standing record with an “A” rating on Angie’s List with multiple Gold Service Awards that only the top 5% of all landscape contractors receive.

Contact us so we can help you with the best solution that meets all budgetary concerns or design challenges.

Let us make your property a showcase. It is one of the most important investments you can have for your home or business!



A permeable walkway or patio can be very useful to manage surface water to direct away from foundations or as a harvesting system. We can tie into a drainage system that includes catch basins, downspouts and permeable paver’s to protect from erosion and structural damage. To learn more about the advantages of permeable paver’s see what we can do for you and watch this video.